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Monday, October 29, 2012

Different styles to DRAPING a Saree

Different styles to DRAPING a Saree

Northern pride drape:--

The northern Indian style of draping saree involves the traditional way of wearing the saree with the end piece falling across the front of the body. In this sarees have skirt pleats in the front and the free end draped around the back and over the front, so that the end piece of the saree covers the wearer`s brea

Nivi Style:Nivi Style originally worn in Andhra Pradesh; besides the modern nivi, there is also the kaccha nivi, where the pleats are passed through the legs and tucked into the waist at the back. This allows free movement while covering the legs.

Gujarathi Style:Gujarati style of wearing a saree requires the pallu to be draped artistically in the front rather than over the shoulder. Sarees with eye-catching magnificent pallus are best worn in this style

Bengali Style:Bengali style of wearing a sari has no pleats and the pallu has a bunch of keys that falls over the shoulder.

Maharashtra Style:The women of Maharashtra wear a nine-yard saree called Nauvari. It is worn like a dhoti at the bottom while the upper portion is worn like a normal saree with the pallu tucked in the waist.

Coorgi style:Coorgi style of Karnataka, draping a saree involves tying the pleats in the rear instead of the front and a small portion of the pallu is placed over the shoulder

Tamilian style : Tamilians wrap saree around the waist, the pleats are positioned along the left leg. The rest of the sari is taken over the left shoulder, wrapped once again round the waist and tucked on the left side