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Monday, October 29, 2012

Step-by-Step Marathi Saree drape


    • 1
      Hold the sari fabric behind your body. Approximately 1/4 of the fabric is held out to your right side and the rest is on the left. The decorative side of the sari should be facing away from your body.
    • 2
      Use a few inches of each side of the saree to tie a knot at your center waistline. Tie the knot tight so it does not easily come untied, which would cause your saree to fall off during wear. The knot takes the place of the petticoat.
    • 3
      Drape the fabric from your left side toward your right and around your body one complete wrap. Tuck the fabric into your waistline until the width of the fabric just touches your toes.
    • 4
      Drape the pallu, or loose end, behind your body and over your right shoulder to hold it out of the way. Allow the pallu to hang as low as you intend to wear it once you have finished draping the sari. Pin in place to hold while you finish creating the design in the skirt portion.
    • 5
      Make 6-inch-wide pleats with the remainder of the long piece of fabric. Tuck it into the center waistline, covering the knot you created in the beginning. The pleats should point toward the left and the decorative bottom border of the sari will display on the last pleat. This creates the dhoti-style design.
    • 6
      Pleat the remaining shorter piece of fabric on the right side. These should hang down into small pleats, roughly 2 to 3 inches wide. Hold the pleats and bring between your legs. Tuck into the center back of your waistline and secure with a safety pin.
    • 7
      Adjust the pallu to finish the look. Fold the pallu in pleats and pin to the right shoulder. Tuck it into the waistline. For a slightly different look, unfold the bottom portion of the pallu and pin to the waistline to cover the stomach area or add decorative jewelry over the pallu to hold the unfolded pleats in place. All are acceptable methods of draping this style of sari.


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