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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lehanga Choli

Lehanga Choli

Lehanga Choli is one of the ethnic outfits for women in India, along with Saree and Salwar Kameez. Like the Saree, the origin of Lehanga Choli is purely Indian. While Saree was and still is prevalent in the eastern and southern parts of India, Lehanga Choli claimed its dominance in the northern and western part of India. Traditionally, Lehanga Choli used to be the ethnic everyday wear for women hailing from the Western region of India, especially Rajasthan and Gujarat. The mention of Lehanga Choli conjures up images of beautiful Rajput women in vibrant and dazzling Lehanga Cholis. While the women from royal families were clad in gorgeous and elaborate Lehanga Cholis, the commoner women were spotted in colorful but simple and minimally embellished Lehanga Cholis for practical reasons such as ease of movement while doing daily chores and, of course, they couldn't afford such gorgeous Lehanga Cholis. It's only for special events or festive occasions that they would get themselves beautifully embellished Lehanga Cholis. Apart from Western India, Lehangawas also the ethnic everyday wear outfit for women belonging to Northern India, especially Uttar Pradesh. While the Lehanga Cholis of Western India were more elaborate, vibrant and gorgeous, those from North were comparatively simple and were paired with long Cholis. Rather than a clothing item used for everyday wear, the Indian Lehanga Choli is now viewed as a Designer outfit meant for special events such as Weddings, Engagements, Reception, Mehndi, Sangeet, Festivals, Traditional Occasions and other social dos. Therefore, noways when you refer to a Lehenga choli, it either connotes to a wedding lehenga choli or lehenga cholis that planned for a festive occasion. Brides of today plan in advance for their bridal lehenga choli or go for an exquisite designer lehenga choli for their D-day. Lehanga Choli is also known as Chaniya Choli, Sharara, Lehnga Choli, Lancha Choli, Ghagra, Ghaghra Choli, etc. Cbazaar boasts of an exhaustive collection of Lehanga Cholis that are ideal for every occasion such as Weddings, Reception, Mehndi, Sangeet or festive occasions.

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